Lesson Plans on Github

Wilson’s blog on Software Carpentry recently shared ideas about open source education – a reworking of open source software and programming models. Wilson notes that professors often perform Google searches for related course materials for what they are teaching, modify the sources they find appropriately, and then never share the modified versions of their work with the public. But, these updated/altered/improved lesson plans may be useful in turn for the next educators who Google searches the topic. Wilson suggests that a community for sharing lessons, like how programmers share projects via Github, could be hugely useful for today’s faculty. He compiled a list of people who share this philosophy, which I am including below (complete with links to their work):

I did a bit of quick searching about this same topic to see what other bloggers and scientists have been thinking about this open source education idea since Software Carpentry posted about it, and here are some of the articles I came across:


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