Teaching Goals Inventory

I took the Teaching Goals Inventory test for my Engineering Ed class, and I am including my results. I took the test with introductory algorithms classes, like MSU’s CSE 231: Introduction to Programming I and CSE 331: Algorithms and Data Structures, in mind.

This picture indicates that I highly value higher-order thinking skills, and then I place a second (and nearly equivalent) emphasis on discipline-specific knowledge and skills, liberal arts and academic values, and personal development. I think that the higher-order thinking skills are definitely appropriate as a main goal in algorithm education. Image

Interestingly, our professor Mark noted that in professional development workshops, professors usually rank discipline-specific knowledge and skills as the most important. Here is a comparison chart of how four-year colleges and community colleges rank the same goals:


Finally, here are the specific goals I rated the highest:


This online version if the TGI can be found here.

The lengthy description of the TGI can be found in the text Classroom Assessment Techniques, which I am reading as an aid for my study in constructivism and backward-design of curriculum.

An interesting fact to note is that all of my peers in the engineering class also highly ranked the higher-order thinking skills. Is this because we are all in a graduate education class and therefore looking at the bigger picture of education (rather than discipline-specific skills)?


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