Writing a Philosophy of Teaching Statement

In my Engineering Education class this semester, we are developing our teaching portfolios. A primary component of any teaching portfolio is the philosophy of teaching statement (PTS). This post is dedicated to discussing resources for writing a well-developed PTS.

The Basics: A PTS includes your conception of teaching and learning, a description of how you teach, and a justification of why you teach that way. It is generally 1-2 pages in length. It should give the reader a glimpse of what kind of teacher you are – showing your unique qualities.

A note of advice: *don’t* read too many examples. Instead, write your own PTS, and then read other statements to make sure that yours is in line with the examples.

What should a PTS contain?

    1. conceptualization of learning
    2. conceptualization of teaching
    3. goals for students
    4. implementation of philosophy
    5. professional growth plan

Other recommendations for material in a PTS are:

    • integration of responsibilities
    • expertise
    • relationships
    • learning environment
    • methods, strategies, and innovation
    • outcomes

The Teaching Perspectives Inventory: In order to identify some of your personal views on teaching, take the Teaching Perspectives Inventory.

Writing Tutorial: Follow this writing tutorial to begin drafting your PTS. TheĀ Teaching Philosophy Template can be used to record your preliminary ideas.

Remember that the PTS is a dynamic document that must be updated as you grow in your own teaching experiences and expand or change your philosophies.


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