Integrating iPython Notebooks and Google Docs

Yes. I’m excited to see this article about integrating the features of Google Docs into the IPython notebook. Note that at the bottom of the article is a comment by Fernando Perez, the originator of IPython:

Yup, pretty much everything you say is right in our plans, and that has been our vision since starting to work on this problem. We obviously don’t have any pull on what Google does or doesn’t, but we’ll be working very hard over the next year precisely on enabling the kind of collaboration features you mention above. Don’t hesitate to join us on ipython-dev if you’d like to pitch in!

As Fernando well knows, these features would greatly enhance the teaching capabilities of the Notebook. In fact, it’s the exact software that we are looking to use when teaching an online class at MSU. If you’re interested in getting involved with IPython Notebook development, here is where you can sign up for the developer’s listserve.


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