What is Socraticqs?

Socraticqs is an educational tool developed by Christopher Lee at UCLA. Basically, it is similar to a set of slides which you can step through in any order you choose. Further, it facilitates real-time in class assessment and feedback, where questions and student responses are all saved in a database. Socraticqs even supports peer instruction (partner work in-class where students share their solutions with their neighbors). Socraticqs as a whole can be found on Github.

How do I install it?

Install is really straightforward! But then you have to configure Socraticqs for your course.

How do I teach with it?

Extensive details for how to implement Socraticqs for your own classroom are here. I will be looking at possibly using it for a Software Carpentry Workshop, so I will add comments about the process once I begin.

Extra Info

Below is a youtube video from Christopher Lee about making bioinformatics education open source and gearing it toward active learning. Yes, I know it’s a 50-minute talk. It’s worth it.


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