The Blogging Gene

Titus Brown on “Why do I blog?” Specifically:

I do hope that we continue to move past this rather blinkered academic idea that time spent on “non-traditional” research activities like blogging, Twitter, education, and the rest is a definite waste of time; I think my blogging is helping me get important papers and grants out, and it’s certainly helped in my teaching. I have some pretty good Klout-like stories about blogging that I’ll share in a few years, too, but those are happy surprises when they happen.

So that’s why I blog: to air my opinions to myself and others. I’d love to talk sternly about the importance of societal impact by scientists, and how we need to become better communicators (we do!) I happily tell my chairs about how I get invited to things because of blogging and Twitter, because it means they don’t yell at me as much (work in progress). But at the end of the day, I write blog posts because I want to figure out why I think what I think. I write long blog posts because shortblog posts don’t let me do that very well. And I choose topics where I’m at least reasonably knowledgeable, because otherwise my blog posts are definitely and absolutely not worth reading.

My own “Why do I blog?” to follow.


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